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Superior New York City Dermatology

Located on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 85th street in New York City, McGuire Dermatology is committed to providing superb, cutting edge, and compassionate care for our patients. We pride ourselves on our thorough exams, early detection and effective individualized treatment of skin cancers, and responsiveness to our patients’ concerns.


Why You Should Choose Our Practice

  • Skilled Mohs Micrographic surgeons
  • Thorough screening for early detection of skin diseases
  • Board Certified Dermatologists with extensive experience
  • No or minimal wait time, and same day responses to phone calls
  • No cosmetic dermatology
  • Extended appointment time with patients
McGuire Dermatology offers advanced dermatological care in an environment that supports attentiveness to each patient’s health care concerns. Our doctors have extensive experience in medical and surgical dermatology, and our professional staff is equally committed to optimal patient care.